Failed to connect to host

Check and see if the host is reachable. Can you reach another host? Check connection status and retry.

Aborted: Overtime limit (n) exceeded

This error occurs when the task hangs at the encoding stage, and its execution time tops the estimated time by (n) seconds (the value can vary).

Error while opening codec for output stream

This maybe attributed to incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height . The specified parameters such as bitrate, audio sampling rate or audio channels number are not allowed for the specified codec. Also, often this error appears when specified bitrate is too low.

Incorrect audio parameters

Some audio codecs (e.g. AAC or MPEG-Layer-3) have their own limitation for options values. When you leave these options blank in your API request, will get them from the source file, and not always their set will be correct for particular codec. So, it's better to always set audio codec parameters explicitly.

Incorrect frame size

Incorrect frame size – Error specifying size, e.g. 0x240: Please specify a frame size.

Locking H.264 keyframe values to conform to DRM requirements

Some DRM specifications require locked GOP sizes that ignore scene changes. Our API can set an H.264 keyframe interval, and boost the scene change threshold high enough to achieve this. Example for 24 fps: <format> <output>mp4 </output> <video_codec>libx264 </video_codec> <framerate>24</framerate> <keyframe>24</keyframe> <video_codec_parameters> <sc_threshold>1999999999</sc_threshold> <keyint_min>23</keyint_min> </video_codec_parameters> </format>

No audio or video streams available

You have tried to decode a video format that encoder does not understand. Try again with one of our supported formats.