How can I encrypt my iPhone streams?

Securing your iPhone streams is easy with's stream encrytion option. We encrypt your TS segements using AES-128 with no need for an additional processing step. The encryption passes on delivery, as opposed to requiring additional processing time. You'll need a few things to get started, so let's lay out all the details: 1)  Create Read more

How can I remove chapter markers from my encodes?

Chapter markers got you down? Try this easy fix for removing chapter marker metadata from your source videos. This action, by default, is set to no; if you know your clip contains this metadata, switch </strip_chapters> to yes.  Via API: Via UI: You will find this feature at the bottom of the task list, underneath Read more

What global data centers does use for processing?

Take control of where your processing occurs!  By housing's platfrom on both Amazon's EC2 and the Private Cloud, we have access to data centers on around the globe. No matter where you decide to host your videos, there's a data center nearby to handle your encoding tasks and return your content back to you Read more

How can I retrieve statistics via API for Vidly?

Interested in retrieving view stats for your Vid.lys? We have just the thing for you! You can use the GetStatistics call to the API to return the following data:'s GetStatistics will return following data for a individual or system wide: System wide: Or if you need to narrow it by certain URL then Read more

How can I use to create audio-only tracks from my video source?

Our audio only conversion service enables you to strip the audio out of a video file to create a standalone audio file. You can easily do this via our API or customer area: via API: For this example, we will use the MP3 template. in your POST, call for the following task: via Read more

How can I use the preset in the API?

If you're a current customer, utilizing our API to create content, try adding this to the mix: You're create a URL that can be accessed via any browser with the correct, optimized version served up whether its a mobile, ipad or browser.  Have more questions about Perhaps…what's it all mean? Look no further:

Can I rotate videos without encoding it?

Need to rotate videos without encoding them? Did someone have too much fun with the iPhone and shoot everything portrait instead of landscape? Try this on for size. Lossless rotation for use with .mov –> .mov files only.

How can I copy metadata in my mp3 files?

Need to pass supported metadata information in your mp3 –> mp3 encodes. Use this addition to your XML.  Valuable information, such as title, artist and album will be passed through on your encodes.  Need to inject other metadata? Please check out our API documentation on metadata insertion:

How do I stop an encode via API?

If you wish to stop the processing of any medaID via API, send the action 'StopMedia.' The action will stop media from downloading, processing or uploading. If at least one encode has completed and saved, this media will be marked as finished,. The rest of the jobs / tasks will be stop. Example:  <?xml version=”1.0″?> Read more