What does error message ECOM00109 mean?

  The error message ECOM00109 translates to “Output file does not contain any stream.”    It seems your source file looks like valid video container, but it doesn't contain any video/audio data. Be sure the source URL you specified returns valid data and there is no JavaScript or external references that could not be understood by Read more

What does error message ECOM00108 mean?

  The error message ECOM00108 translates to “Unsupported codec for output stream.”    There are certain formats that need to have certain parameters defined before they will work properly. In such cases you must specify the values explicitly in your request. For example for 3GP format you should use audio codec libamr_nb.

What does error message ECOM00107 mean?

  The error message ECOM00001 translates to “Unknown encoder .”    You'll receive this error when you've specified a output codec that encoding.com does not support. Please check if the codec you've requested is part of our the services that we offer. Scroll to the bottom of our page http://www.encoding.com/ and plug in your source and Read more

What does error message ECOM00106 mean?

  The error message ECOM00106 translates to “Error while opening codec for output stream.”    It is entirely possible to create tasks that just don't meet the specs for certain codecs. Please watch for this caveat. Please ensure that the specified parameters (bit rate, audio sampling rate, number of audio channels) meet the needs of the Read more

What does error message ECOM00105 mean?

  The error message ECOM00105 translates to “Crop size must be a multiple of 2.”    You'll receive this message when you have chosen crop parameters that are not divisible by 2. Please double check your request for any odd numbers.

What does error message ECOM00104 mean?

  The error message ECOM00104 translates to “The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist.”    Frame size must be a multiple of 2 You'll receive this message when you've specified an invalid width or height value in your request. When specifying size as WxH, both width and height must be multiple of 2. Read more

What does error message ECOM00103 mean?

  The error message ECOM00103 translates to “Incorrect frame size.”    Please check the frame size is correctly specified in your request. Make sure that it does not contain whitespaces or zero dimensions (for example 0x240). It would also be useful for you to inspect your source video to ensure that the video you are submitting Read more

What does error message ECOM00102 mean?

  The error message ECOM00102 translates to “No audio or video streams available.”    You will encounter this error if you are trying to decode a video format that our encoder does not understand. Please take a moment to view our supported format list and ensure that you are pulling from our trusted format list: http://www.encoding.com/wdocs/SourceFileFormats.

What does error message ECOM00101 mean?

  The error message ECOM00101 translates to “Could not write header for output file.”    The specified codec that you have selected does not support what you are requested of it as an output file. You may be including or omitting certain parameters that are not supported for this format. In addition to that, you may Read more

What does error message ECOM00003 mean?

  The error message ECOM00003 translates to “The specified bucket does not exist .”    Please verify that the source location exists. Our encoding platform believes that this location is invalid.