How do I use the watch folder file name controls?

Want control over file names after they finish encoding from your watch folders? It's easy. Follow these simple steps:   – Add in what you would like to have displayed after your file name finished encoding. Example:If your file name is video.ext, and you specify '_big' in the Name Postfix field, your resulting file name Read more

Where can I find wrappers for API development?

We've recently published an Objective C wrapper for the API  that will jump start your iOS application video development.  Now you can utilize within your iOS apps to not only transcode any user generated video upload but also prepare URLs or embed code to ensure any video will playback brilliantly on over Read more

How can I use your PHP uploader tool?

Please note these instructions are for the uploader scripts, v. 1.1. The audience for this document is intended to be web script authors, software developers and system administrators. Introduction: The User Uploader Script enables the direct upload of User Generated Video (UGV) content to storage so you can avoid a workflow where Read more

Why are my Vp6 Flix Engine dimensions off from what I requested?

The encoder that we choose for this particular encode will automagically change the dimension on your requested encode to the nearest multiple of 16 for both width and height. This is to give you the best possible results for viewing these particular flash files. 

Troubleshooting 101

Having problems with a on a particular device or browser? Browse to this link and in order to determine the full details on where / how you are accessing the link: Good stuff!  

Can you explain more about the Error Codes?

Need more details on the error codes? These should answers you questions. MessageCodes? ErrorCodes? What's the difference you may ask? MessageCodes give you particular feedback as to the status of the actions you have requested from the API. (We're talking about AddMedia, AddMediaLite, etc.) Error codes are more or less what you'll bump into Read more

Can you explain the Message Codes?

Let's take a look at typical XML repsonse to fully understand Message Codes.  In this example, line 4 contains the MessageCode 2.1. Let's skip to the chart below the XML to read more about the types of MessageCodes exist. The XML response statuses codes are broken down into 4 categories, Common Errors (I), AddMedia Read more

How do I send a batch request to

Want to send a batch request and convert a ton of source files to vid.lys all at one time? Use the following formatting to achieve this. Your response will be as follows:

How do I delete Vid.lys via the PRO API?

If you wish to remove Vid.lys, you may do so via the PRO API. There are two ways you can achieve this, via BatchID or via Shortlink.  To remove via shortlinks: Now, let's try the same call, but we'll use the BatchID tag: Where oh where do we find at BatchID you say? In Read more