Build a solid workflow with

Take control of your workflow with's powerful and flexible API. You can easily use your pre-existing CMS to assign tactics to resbubmit jobs, retry tasks and reformulate API requests that have less than expected results. Below you'll find a list of workflows that intelligently assign actions to correct solvable workflow issues. While we strive Read more

How can I set a start or expiration date for a

You can easily control your Vid.lys presence on the web with our expiration controls.  By specifying a start date, you can pre-schedule your campaigns to be available on the web when needed. These can be open ended, or used in combination with an expiration date. Want to get even fancier? You can specify a token Read more

How do I use the Dolby codec for success with varying bit rates?

The general rule for the two types of Dolby AAC audio codecs is as follows: For low bitrate audio 40 kbps to 64 kbps, use HE-AAC @ 44100 Hz <audio_codec>dolby_heaac</audio_codec> For high bitrate audio 80 kbps to 320 kbps, use AAC-LC @ 44100 Hz <audio_codec>dolby_aac</audio_codec>

Can I silence audio in my encodes?

Want to silence audio in your encodes? Very simple! You can achieve these results via UI or API. Here's how to do so: via UI:  – Select the encoding task – Choose 'Audio Volume (per cent)' and select 0, if you'd like to silence the audio. ### via API: Add the following: Please note that Read more

Notification errors with framework 4.0

Wondering where your notifications are with framework 4.0? Fact of the matter is that framework 4.0 doesn't respect RequestValidation=false when accessing the forms collection, so placing <httpRuntime requestValidationMode=”2.0″ /> in the web.config <system.web> section reverts to framework 2.0 operation. You'll now successfully receive notifications with an xml of a completed job information.

What does the status ‘Ready to Process’ mean?

Have you uploaded video through the UI that has the current status of 'Ready for Processing'? In order to encode this video, please select the checkbox next to the video. Select 'Process' from the top bar. That's it! Your video will now start encoding:

Can I encode only part of a video?

Need to encode only a segment of your source video? We offer up a convenient solution to set a duration for your output file.   Note that you can use any positive number to reflect the start time (in seconds) and duration (in seconds). via UI: Start from (sec): Enter value in seconds Duration (sec): Read more