Could not write header for output file

Could not write header for output file (incorrect codec parameters?): The specified codecs are not supported for this format, or need special parameters to be specified. For example: 3GP format require libamr_nb audio codec for correct encoding.

What is the IP range of your system so I may restrict access on a firewall?

Please send your API requests to at Notification posts are coming from Port Assignments FTP on port 21 SFTP on port 22 HTTP on port 80 HTTPS on port 443 AWS Amazon has a very sophisticated system in place for managing IP ranges across their infrastructure. Everything you need to know about Read more

How do I control Aspect Ratio?

In some cases you may need to encode a video with strictly defined width or height, while preserving the source video aspect ratio. We usually handle this automatically, with the keep aspect ratio option via our web UI or flagging it in XML If you turn it off, it will stretch the video image to Read more

Setting S3 permissions for thumbnails

AWS authentication access is currently not implemented for thumb_destination. Alternatively you can create a separate task with output=thumbnail to use this feature:   To quote our API documentation:   Instead of using thumb_ parameters within <format>, you can specify separate encoding task with output = thumbnail:      <format>    <!– Format fields –>    Read more

HTTP notifications failed in ASP.NET

Assume you specified some notification URL in your AddMedia API request: <notify></notify> But you see nothing happens. Most often the problem is that your ASP.NET server drops notification HTTP request because it considers the request is ‘dangerous’. To fix this you should set validaterequest = false for this page.

Using Amazon S3 with the Watch Folder

AWS watch folders are a beautiful thing. Let's lay out a couple ground rules before we begin, shall we? + Make sure your destination is NOT a source location subfolder. You should NOT use /some_path/videos as a source and /some_path/videos/encoded as a destination unless you want an infinite loop. + The destination should be in Read more