How do I turn on Intermediate Decoding?

  Lossless Intermediate Decoding   Anyone who has encoded his fair share of video is all too familiar with pesky encoding errors for no apparent reason. We have taken a major step towards reducing “unknown” encoding errors by introducing an intermediate encoding step which decodes the source video into a lossless format prior to encoding Read more

What should I put in the Frame Rate field?

If you want to retain the same frame rate as the source media, then you do not need to change the frame rate. If you want to reduce or increase the FPS, then enter the desired field via our web UI or our API. 

How do I encode and split longer videos into segments?

1. Add source via AddMediaBenchmark API call.   XML should reflect the following: 2. Store Media ID returned by API for next 2 steps.   3. Get media duration by using GetMediaInfo call.   API will return the following XML: Pay attention only the <video_duration>1253</video_duration> tag.  Based on the video duration they should calculate how Read more

How do I encode video for mobile devices?

There are a number of very popular mobile devices that support video playback including: iPhone / iPod Blackberry Nokia Droid PSP Zune Of course, many of these devices have their own video format requirements. provides simple presets for the most popular mobile devices so that you can properly encode your video for your target Read more

What does error message ECOM00228 mean?

The error message ECOM00228 translates to “S3 upload error: Your socket connection to the server was not read from or written to within the timeout period. Idle connections will be closed.”

What does error message ECOM00202 mean?

The error message ECOM00202 translates to “Error putting thumbnail” This error is encountered when our platform is unable to deliver the thumbnail to the specified destination. Please verify the path, syntax and permissions and retry your request.

What does error message ECOM00203 mean?

The error message ECOM00203 translates to “S3 Download error” When you submit jobs to us via an Amazon S3 location, it's imperative that we can read it. Please refer to the Knowledge Base article on setting permissions if your source file is to be encoded properly.