What global data centers does Encoding.com use for processing?

Take control of where your processing occurs!  By housing Encoding.com's platfrom on both Amazon's EC2 and the Encoding.com Private Cloud, we have access to data centers on around the globe. No matter where you decide to host your videos, there's a data center nearby to handle your encoding tasks and return your content back to you in the most efficient manner. Check out the complete list of datacenters that we support here:

Encoding.com Private Cloud (Oakland, CA): 'oak-private-clive'

US (Nothern Virginia): 'us-east-1'
US (Nothern California): 'us-west-1'
US (Oregon): 'us-west-2'  
EU (Ireland): 'eu-west-1'
EU (Frankfurt): 'eu-central-1'
Asia Pacific (Singapore): 'ap-southeast-1'
Asia Pacific (Tokyo): 'ap-northeast-1'
Asia Pacific (Sydney): 'ap-southeast-2'
South America (Sao Paulo): 'sa-east-1'

Via API: 

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