How do I use GetStatus and what information does it return?

Want to know what the status is of one or many jobs? Use GetStatus to return information on a particular MediaID. Indicate one or many (separated by commas of course); the MediaID must be included. Want even more info? See the article on GetStatus Extended for details on what that returns. Need a quick guide Read more

What information does GetASM return?

Say you're interested in how a user's been using the platform. In particular, their success rate, queue times, bandwidth specs, etc. Use GetASM to return this info. Here's an example of the XML to send to the API and the response:

What does CancelMedia do?

CancelMedia will delete specified media and all its items in the queue. An example of its usage is:

What will UpdateMedia do to an existing MediaID?

UpdateMedia will replace information about existing media's formats.  All old format items will be deleted and the new ones will be added. This is useful if you just want to change the settings on a particular MediaID.