How can I copy audio in my encodes?

If you specify the audio_codec tag to equal 'copy', the options audio_channels_number, audio_sample_rate, audio_bitrate will be ignored and their values will be copied from your source file. Example:

Wowza + = Problem solved!

Preparing videos for use with the Wowza Media Server can be accomplished very simply using one of the Wowza Presets on  Choose a Preset, set a destination location for output files and you're off and running.  You can send output files to any location but most likely you'll want to send them directly to Read more

What is the list of actions that I can perform with the API?

AddMedia: Add new media to user's queue.  Creates new items in a queue according to formats specified in the XML API request. AddMediaBenchmark: Add new media to user's queue and sets a flag to NOT process automatically after downloading.  Format fields can be specified as well. If NotifyURL is set, a notification will be sent Read more

Where should I post my XML to?

To send API requests to, please send HTTP(S) post requests to All client requests and server responses use the XML format.  Clients must send the HTTP(S) POST request with a single parameter named xml. The server response will be a normal XML document.

What information does GetStatus Extended Mode return?

Need more info then what GetStatus returns? Use GetStatus Extended Mode to return heaploads of information on a particular MediaID. Indicate one or many (separated by commas of course); the MediaID must be included. Need a quick guide as to what all the tags refer to, go here: Request: Response: