HTTP notifications failed in ASP.NET

Assume you specified some notification URL in your AddMedia API request: <notify></notify> But you see nothing happens. Most often the problem is that your ASP.NET server drops notification HTTP request because it considers the request is ‘dangerous’. To fix this you should set validaterequest = false for this page.

Using a temporary storage for your encoded video

You can use's cloud storage location as temporary storage for your encoding output. To accomplish this you leave the “Destination” field empty using any integration method Web Interface. Desktop Application, or the API. To retrieve the direct http url of your you can login to the client interface, click Encoding Queue, expand the job Read more

How to create multiple outputs within a single API request

One of the unique and powerful features of our API is the ability to generate more than one output format in a single API request. To accomplish this you can simply duplicate the <format> parameters for each output type that you require. You can generate an unlimited number of outputs per API request. This is Read more