Encoding was not completed: error: Video codec is not supported

Although we support over 95% of the most common video codec and container variations, sometimes a file will return this error. We are always working to improve our support of video codecs, and if you have file that returns this error please submit a ticket to: helpdesk@encoding.com with the MediaID and we will let you Read more


If you've received the error message 'No XML', then there was no XML provided in the request. Please include the XML in your request and resubmit.

Aborted: Overtime limit exceeded

This error occurs when the job took 3 times longer than our expected encoding time estimate.  If you have submitted a very large or complex encoding task we would suggest you use our turbo encoding option to avoid this error.

421 Request Rate Over Limit

The encoding.com system limits API requests per second depending on your plan type, if you receive the error message “421 Request Rate Over Limit” you have exceeded the limit included in your plan type. Please see www.encoding.com/signup for details about how many requests per second are included in your plan type.

Couldn’t resolve host

The system could not resolve DNS name of the host specified in source of destination URL.

Locking H.264 keyframe values to conform to DRM requirements

Some DRM specifications require locked GOP sizes that ignore scene changes. Our API can set an H.264 keyframe interval, and boost the scene change threshold high enough to achieve this. Example for 24 fps: <format> <output>mp4 </output> <video_codec>libx264 </video_codec> <framerate>24</framerate> <keyframe>24</keyframe> <video_codec_parameters> <sc_threshold>1999999999</sc_threshold> <keyint_min>23</keyint_min> </video_codec_parameters> </format>

What is the IP range of your system so I may restrict access on a firewall?

Please send your API requests to manage.encoding.com at Notification posts are coming from Port Assignments FTP on port 21 SFTP on port 22 HTTP on port 80 HTTPS on port 443 AWS Amazon has a very sophisticated system in place for managing IP ranges across their infrastructure. Everything you need to know about Read more

How do I control Aspect Ratio?

In some cases you may need to encode a video with strictly defined width or height, while preserving the source video aspect ratio. We usually handle this automatically, with the keep aspect ratio option via our web UI or flagging it in XML If you turn it off, it will stretch the video image to Read more

Setting S3 permissions for thumbnails

AWS authentication access is currently not implemented for thumb_destination. Alternatively you can create a separate task with output=thumbnail to use this feature:   To quote our API documentation:   Instead of using thumb_ parameters within <format>, you can specify separate encoding task with output = thumbnail:      <format>    <!– Format fields –>    Read more