Notification errors with framework 4.0

Wondering where your notifications are with framework 4.0? Fact of the matter is that framework 4.0 doesn't respect RequestValidation=false when accessing the forms collection, so placing <httpRuntime requestValidationMode=”2.0″ /> in the web.config <system.web> section reverts to framework 2.0 operation. You'll now successfully receive notifications with an xml of a completed job information.

Can I encode only part of a video?

Need to encode only a segment of your source video? We offer up a convenient solution to set a duration for your output file.   Note that you can use any positive number to reflect the start time (in seconds) and duration (in seconds). via UI: Start from (sec): Enter value in seconds Duration (sec): Read more

Using Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming (MSS) with

Microsoft's Smooth Streaming (MSS) To stream media over HTTP using Microsoft's Smooth Streaming protocol chose the “Smooth Streaming” preset from the client interface, watch folder, or API. NOTE: Because the Smooth Streaming output creates multiple files from a single source file you have the option to tar the output tar = yes, in which Read more

What frame rate controls are available?

Looking to gain some control over your encodes, especially if your content varies in frame rates. Check out our threshold settings. If your source frame rate is lower then the framerate_upper_threshold, your source frame rate will be used. For example, if your source frame rate is 23.98 fps, and the threshold is set to 30, Read more

Using Adobe’s HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) with

To stream on-demand media over HTTP using Adobe's HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) protocol chose the preset “Dynamic Streaming” from the client interface/watch folder, or the parameter “HDS” from the API. NOTE: To use Adobe's HDS, the source media must be in MP4, FV4, or FLV compatible formats.  Please transcode your video into one Read more

Smooth Streaming Template

<?xml version=”1.0″?> <query>     <userid>[]</userid>     <userkey>[]</userkey>     <action>AddMedia</action>    <notify/>    <notify_encoding_errors/>    <source/>     <format>         <output>smooth_streaming</output>         <rotate>def</rotate>         <audio_codec>libfaac</audio_codec>         </destination>         <pack_files>yes</pack_files>     </format> </query>  

How can I use GetStatus extended mode?

Reduce your request rates per second with this handy workflow. Need to find out the status of many mediaIDs at once? .. plus their task ID? … plus their STATUS? Request: Response: