How Do I Convert FLV to MOV?

Easily Convert FLV to MOV with supports a host of file formats within the .flv and .mov containers. Check out our up to the minute support list for what’s available: Through our web uploader, you can push individual files directly to our encoding platform from your local disk, FTP, S3 or Rackspace Read more

Can I rotate a video with your service?

Need to rotate a video? No problem! Via API, use the following values: rotate [optional] – video files only. Rotate video picture. Allowed values: def – don’t change anything. Video will be rotated according to ‘Rotation’ meta data parameter, if it exists 0 – don’t rotate and ignore ‘Rotation’ meta data parameter 90 – rotate Read more

When should I use the ProcessMedia API call?

The ProcessMedia action should only be used for media that has been added with the AddMediaBenchmark call. After the media was downloaded, it will receive a ‘Ready to process‘ status, after which the processing is resumed using ProcessMedia.