How do I format an XML for PRO?

Are you used to sending XMLs to's API? XMLs are a bit different. Have a look! Note the usage of the source & sourcefile tags. All API action requests are sent to the page. Client must send HTTP(S) POST request with single parameter named “xml”. The server response is a normal XML Read more

How can I use your API to determine how I should encode my files?

Do you have a bunch of files that require encoding, but want to know more about the source media properties? Use this workflow to achieve this: Step 1: Send source media to the API via the AddMediaBenchmark action. will accept this request and assign a Media ID for the video. Step 2: Send Read more

How do I use the fade in, fade out commands?

Within the format tag, you can now specify the duration and length of the fade that you would like to apply to your encodes.  via XML: Definitions: FadeInStart: Start of fade_in effect in seconds FadeInDuration: Duration of fade_in effect in seconds FadeOutStart: Start of fade_out effect in seconds. If you specify this parameter equal to 0, Read more

Can I add a dissolve to my encodes?

With, you can easily add a dissolve at the start and end of your encodes via our fade commands. Click on this link for more information.

How can I add a watermark with an alpha channel?

Use a PNG with alpha-channel as Logo source. If your logo source is PNG with alpha-channel, set logo_mode equal to 1, to keep transparency. Note: the logo_transparent tag is only for usage with the vp6_flix output via XML. Example XML: