How can I use your API to determine how I should encode my files?

Do you have a bunch of files that require encoding, but want to know more about the source media properties?

Use this workflow to achieve this:

Step 1: Send source media to the API via the AddMediaBenchmark action. will accept this request and assign a Media ID for the video.

Step 2: Send a GetMediaInfo call to the API, with assigned MediaID, so source video characteristics will be shown, such as framesize, duration, and bitrate.

Step 3: Configure your CMS to select a setting based on returned media properites.

Step 4: Send  back a ProcessMedia call, and use GetStatus to monitor progress.

NOTE: If you need separate progress reports for each task, add <extended>yes</extended> to GetStatus

Step 5: When job completes, have your CMS parse the result notification.


– – – 

To reuse source files, which expire after 15 days, use <action>UpdateMedia</action> with an existing Media ID to replace all of the existing format fields. 

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