What should go in the “user key” field?

When using the XML API, two parameters are sent in the XML query to authenticate the request: User ID and API User Key. You can view the User ID and API User Key in the “My Account” tab, found in the User Interface. The API User Key can be changed at anytime from there, by Read more

What should I enter in the Notify field?

In the Notify field you can use either mailto: link or the URL of your script. When your Media is finished, an HTTP POST request with will be sent to the specified location. Please refer to the API docs for details of POST request data format.

Why does the Watch Folder encode the same video over and over?

If you have your Watch Folder frequency set to a short time interval (e.g 5 minutes) and you are uploading a video file to your watch folder that takes more than 5 minutes to upload it is possible for our system to start encoding the video file before it is uploaded and produce partial/duplicate encoding Read more

Which integration method is right for me?

Encoding.com offers three different ways to encode your video. Chose the integration method that is most appropriate for your technical skills and needs. At a minimum you will need a video library hosted on a publicly available FTP / Rackspace or Amazon S3 storage account and a basic understanding of URL protocol. Web Interface – Read more

Using the Notify Field to Send an Email Notification

Many users wish to use the encoding.com Notify field in the API or under the AddMedia interface to send an email notification to the desired user. In order to do so, please use 'mailto:' before the email address. A sample, correctly formatted, email notification request is:  mailto:helpdesk@encoding.com This will send the notification to helpdesk@encoding.com, which, Read more

Wrong UserID or UserKey

If you've received this error, then the wrong UserID is matched with the wrong UserKey. Please log into your user account to verify that you are using the correct key.

How do I control Aspect Ratio?

In some cases you may need to encode a video with strictly defined width or height, while preserving the source video aspect ratio. We usually handle this automatically, with the keep aspect ratio option via our web UI or flagging it in XML If you turn it off, it will stretch the video image to Read more