Which integration method is right for me?

Encoding.com offers three different ways to encode your video. Chose the integration method that is most appropriate for your technical skills and needs. At a minimum you will need a video library hosted on a publicly available FTP / Rackspace or Amazon S3 storage account and a basic understanding of URL protocol.

Web Interface – Within our client interface we have tab called Media List. This tool will allow you to quickly and easily encode individual videos through your browser and it's a great way to test our system. Just follow the step by step instructions at the top of the Media List page.

Watch Folder – Also within our client interface, the Watch Folder allows you to specify an FTP / Rackspace or Amazon S3 directory for encoding.com to “watch” at any frequency for new videos. After each watch interval all new videos added to this folder will be processed using the encoding setting you selected. You can have as many watch folders as you like, making it possible to encode a large video library with little or no setup or integration work. Please see our collection of articles about the Watch Folder for more details.

XML API – Our most flexible and sophisticated integration method, the encoding.com XML API allows you to completely automate your encoding workflow and integrate our system seamlessly into your own video application using any common programming language. Custom file naming, multiple output formats and real time encoding status updates are just a few of the powerful features available via our API. Please see our API documentation for complete details.

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