How does the pricing for work?

Our traditional pricing, Pro, offers a pure usage model based on three monthly variables: # of URLs, storage (in GB) and delivery (in GB). You only pay for what you use. And, the more you use, the lower your per-unit pricing across each of the three variables. To see the pricing tiers, Read more

Who is the service targeting? was designed and built for video content publishers and mobile application developers who want to maximize their audience by enabling their videos to play for everyone on every platform… but, don't want to manage the complexities and costs of running their own infrastructure to accomplish this.

What problem is solving?

Over the past couple of years, we've heard a common theme from many of our customers: “Can you just take my source videos and make them work for everyone across all platforms?” Yes, we can. Video made possible with

How does Work?

It's so simple that my mother has created a few Vid.lys. You tell us where your source video is located and we do all the heavy lifting from there. We will give you a unique URL and the embed code for each source video. You can share the URL across Facebook, Twitter and Read more

What is is a universal video service delivered within a single short url and embed code.The service seamlessly integrates a HTML5 video player, Flash video player, transcoding, storage, delivery, and device detection.  When you chose the preset within the UI, Watch Folder, or API we automatically transcode your source video into 24 different Read more

What is Lite and how do I use it? Lite is accessed by a simple change to the standard API call. Instead of <action>AddMedia</action>, use <action>AddMediaLite</action>.  This API call is designed for customers who do not want to incur the ongoing storage expense of all 24 of our standard web and mobile output formats and are less concerned with complete mobile device Read more

What time zone is displayed in the Encoding Queue?

If you're viewing times in Encoding Queue in our login area, note that the times are displayed in the Central US time zone. You can change this default, easily, by following the directions here:

How can I find out about the status of the platform?

Need a status update? No problem: We do our best to keep the masses informed. If something seems awry, please let us know via the Helpdesk. Check twitter, too! We update twitter with the latest and greatest news, so it's always a good choice to follow us:

What is the difference between & and may appear as similar, but there are vast differences. Follow along below, or feel free to chat up sales[at]encoding[dot]com for any questions! The service works is as follows: – Store your source videos on S3 / Rackspace or FTP site – Decide your integration method, whether it be API or watch Read more