Will Encoding.com encode all of my videos online?

Look no further for your online video codec converter solution. Encoding.com offers up a service that is unmatched in its efforts to make working with video codecs a snap. Video Codec Compression Encode and decode seamlessly and leave all the hard stuff to us. Video codec compression has never been faster or easier. Simply add Read more

What is video transcoding?

Video transcoding has never been easier. Use Encoding.com’s platform to choose the codec you’d like to convert to, upload your source, and you’re done! Your reformatted video will be delivered back to you, at the location of your choice. Transcoding is the art of converting one file format to another. Encoding.com Makes Digital Video Transcoding Read more

Why should I use Encoding.com’s services?

Encoding.com’s powerful platform allows you to push your workload onto our shoulders. With our video conversion service, you can upload videos to our cloud platform via our web UI, API or Desktop Application and seamlessly tackle your encoding workload. Cloud Video Conversion Our cloud video conversion software and services can vastly improve your website or Read more

Can Encoding.com convert video files for me?

Use Encoding.com’s powerful encoding engine to easily convert video files to the format of your choosing. Upload videos to our platform from S3, FTP, Rackspace or your local storage and effortlessly have them converted and delivered back to S3, FTP or Rackspace. Online Software to Convert Your Video Files to Different Formats Encoding.com has software Read more

Can Encoding.com integrate with Amazon Web Services?

Encoding.com offers proven S3 video integration solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) comprises a series of remote computing/web services that make your life easier. Infinitely scalable and use AWS with Encoding.com to create a workflow with storage locations and services accessed via HTTP. Use Encoding.com for all of your cloudfront streaming needs. Amazon’s S3 Interface can Read more

What’s a Media ID and how do I get one?

The MediaID is a unique 7 digit number generated by Encoding.com that allows users to track jobs by incremental number. When you submit a job via XML, or via our WebUI, you'll receive a MediaID when you submit your job. Via XML, you'll receive this back as a post. Using our webUI, you'll receive this Read more

How can I better understand the types of error messages I am receiving?

To provide a foundation for a strong error messaging system, we have segmented error codes into four main categories.  This makes the error messages easier to classify as well as allow our API customers to take specific actions programatically in their software based on a specific error message that was returned.  Here is the breakdown Read more

What is an encoding task?

An encoding task includes the act of choosing an encoding format and parameters (size, bitrate, etc.), and optionally a destination URL for the encoded result. You can designate one watchfolder to perform multiple tasks through our web user interface.

How do I determine the optimal bitrate for my video?

The optimal bitrate for your video depends many factors including your source video dimensions, type of video/audio codec, framerate, and delivery method. We love the following calculator on Adobe’s site written by Robert Reinhardt: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/apps/flv_bitrate_calculator/index.html