What is Vid.ly Lite and how do I use it?

Vid.ly Lite is accessed by a simple change to the Vid.ly standard API call. Instead of <action>AddMedia</action>, use <action>AddMediaLite</action>.  This API call is designed for customers who do not want to incur the ongoing storage expense of all 24 of our standard web and mobile output formats and are less concerned with complete mobile device coverage.  When called AddMediaLite will generate the following 5 output formats (instead of our standard 24 when using AddMedia)  The 5 output formats are listed below with (corresponding devices or browsers each formats is mapped to):

1. 800 Kbps @ 0x360 mp4 for the iPhone 4G, iPad, Safari, IE (H.264 main profile)
2. 800 Kbps @ 0x360 webm for  Firefox, Chrome, Android (VP8)
3. 800 Kbps @ 0x360 flv for the Flash fallback (H.264 main profile)
4. 400 Kbps @ 0x240 mp4 H.264 baseline profile for all 3G mobiles including iPhone 3G
5. 1200 Kbps @ 0x576 mp4  H.264 high profile for best quality iPad HD video

For more information see the Vid.ly API documentation

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