What actions can I perform with the Vid.ly user interface?

  In this article we explain the many functions you can perform with the Vid.ly user interface.   Customize the Vid.ly player You can easily customize the appearance and controls of the Vid.ly player: Click the Customize button Click the Download CSS button to download our CSS template. Customize the CSS to your requirements. Click Read more

What actions can I perform from the Encoding.com encoding queue?

Within the Encoding.com encoding queue, you can perform many functions essential to workflow management. Under the Select Action pulldown menu, there are a few choices: PROCESS: Select this is essential to begin the processing of any jobs that are in the 'Ready to Process' status. STOP: Wish to pause/stop any inprogress jobs. Last minute revision Read more

How can I change the time zone setting on my queue?

You can easily adjust the Encoding.com queue time settings to reflect your local time zone. All you have to do is log into the customer area at http://www.encoding.com/login. – Select 'My Account' – Select from the dropdown menu 'Time Zone.' – At the top of the screen, you'll receive a confirmation message that your prefered Read more

What does the status ‘Ready to Process’ mean?

Have you uploaded video through the UI that has the current status of 'Ready for Processing'? In order to encode this video, please select the checkbox next to the video. Select 'Process' from the top bar. That's it! Your video will now start encoding:

Can I encode only part of a video?

Need to encode only a segment of your source video? We offer up a convenient solution to set a duration for your output file.   Note that you can use any positive number to reflect the start time (in seconds) and duration (in seconds). via UI: Start from (sec): Enter value in seconds Duration (sec): Read more

What time zone is displayed in the Encoding Queue?

If you're viewing times in Encoding Queue in our login area, note that the times are displayed in the Central US time zone. You can change this default, easily, by following the directions here: http://www.encoding.com/how_can_i_change_the_time_zone_setting_on_my_queue

Wowza + Encoding.com = Problem solved!

Preparing videos for use with the Wowza Media Server can be accomplished very simply using one of the Wowza Presets on Encoding.com.  Choose a Preset, set a destination location for output files and you're off and running.  You can send output files to any location but most likely you'll want to send them directly to Read more

Why can’t I save my Custom Presets in the UI?

If you are attempting to save a custom dimension in a present in our web UI, you can run into the error:  Incorrect encoding parameters – Please see detail below: 1. Invalid value size The way to correct this issue is to remove the spaces in your dimension request. – 320 x 240 will not pass Read more

How can I delete source media and encodes from my account using the UI?

+ Login to the customer area @ http://www.encoding.com/loginhttp://www.encoding.com/login + Browse to the Encoding Queue + Select the files in which you want to remove from your queue, mark the checkbox to the items you wish to delete. + Click delete at the top of the column. Note that deleting the encodes will remove the source Read more

How can I change the tasks applied to a current job?

If you have current jobs in your encoding queue and wish to change the settings, follow the instructions below. In either case, you can change the destination URL, the notify location and even the source location. This is handy in case you uploaded the wrong source, but want to keep the correct applied tasks. In Read more