What actions can I perform from the Encoding.com encoding queue?

Within the Encoding.com encoding queue, you can perform many functions essential to workflow management.

Under the Select Action pulldown menu, there are a few choices:


Select this is essential to begin the processing of any jobs that are in the 'Ready to Process' status.


Wish to pause/stop any inprogress jobs. Last minute revision from the Production Department smile ? Select 'Stop' to pause any jobs. This step is essential steo before you select 'Edit' on any in progress jobs. 


Do you have a situation where you had 404 issues on a source file? Have you recently changed any of the encoding parameters? Choose this step if you wish to start all tasks over. We'll re-download the source and apply all the requested tasks. It's the kickball equivalent of a do-over for your encodes.


Restart errors is a great troubleshooting step. Occasionally encodes fail. Correct them simply by selecting 'Restart Errors.' Computers aren't perfect! This is another helpful troubleshooting step in rectifying any pesky 404 issues. 


Need to reconfigure, add or delete settings? Want to add or remove some destinations as well? Choose 'Edit' and reconfigure the selected MediaID. This can also be a helpful tool for correcting issues.


Pretty self explanatory here folks. Select the media items you want to remove from your queue. Keep in mind, if you have a current support request, please don't delete any items for your queue that contain errors that you have reported. 



We offer up a few options to control what you see in your queue. This can help greatly at narrowing down errors for support purposes. Choose from All, Finished, Processing or Errors. 


Need to locate a job in your queue. If you have some additional information on hand, such as filename or mediaID, you can plug in these details. This helps tremendously for users with large volume. 

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