Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Video is one of the many major video codecs, widely accepted across the board as a format for internet streaming applications. Our online Windows Media encoder is fast and easy to use. accepts many types of files from the .wmv family. Streaming Video Encoder offers a streaming video encoder that is Read more

WMV Converter supports a host of file formats within many video containers. Learn more about our WMV converter or check out our updated list of other supported file formats. WMV Compression Software With our web uploader, using our WMV compression software is fast and easy. You can push individual files directly to our encoding platform from Read more

flv-h264 converter supports a host of file formats within the .flv container. Read on to learn more about our FLV to h.264 converter and check out our up to the minute list of supported file formats. FLV to h.264 Encoder Using our web uploader, accessing our FLV to h.264 encoder software is fast and easy. You Read more

Apple TV Video Encoding Support

Use’s powerful encoding engine as your Apple TV video converter solution and easily convert your video files to Apple TV compliant files. Convert Your Video Files to Apple TV Format Easily convert video to Apple TV format with Upload videos to our platform from S3, FTP, Rackspace or your local storage and effortlessly Read more

3G2 Converter

Use’s powerful encoding engine and online 3G2 converter to easily convert your video files to 3g2 files. Upload videos to our platform from S3, FTP, Rackspace or your local storage and effortlessly have them encoded for mobility and delivered back to S3, FTP or Rackspace. 3G2 Codec Need to encode many files to .3g2 Read more

HTTP Live Streaming for Apple Devices

Apple has added a new layer of encoding confusion to the market with HTTP Live Streaming for the iPhone and Quicktime. From Apple's own Developer's Center: “HTTP Live Streaming allows you to send live or prerecorded audio and video to iPhone or other devices, such as iPod touch or desktop computers, using an ordinary Web Read more

Advanced configuration options for libx264

x264 ffmpeg mapping and options guide This guide maps most of libx264's options to FFmpeg's options along with detailed descriptions by x264 developer Dark_Shikari. FFmpeg developer superdump has implemented x264 presets to FFmpeg. You can find his guide here. Frame-type options: g <integer> Keyframe interval, also known as GOP length. This determines the maximum distance Read more

How to generate Apple Recommended HTTP Live Streaming Files for Apple iPhone

To generate proper iPhone HTTP live streaming profiles in, see the below xml. These settings should be used whenever the user wishes to publish the apple recommended profiles, based on this document: Note certain settings, which are important to meet the encoding chart from the technical note: size, framerate, audio bitrate, audio sample Read more

Using Constant Bitrate (CBR)

Sometimes it is required to use Constant bitrate (CBR) instead of Variable bitrate (VBR), which is default. Usually it is helpful for video streaming.   To switch on this option, just add <cbr>yes</cbr> within the <format> section of your XML query.  Please note that you also MUST explicitly specify  <bitrate> in this case.

What is the difference between CBR and VBR encoding?

CBR Encoding CBR stands for constant bitrate. During CBR encoding, the bitrate or the number of bits per second is kept the same throughout the encoding process.Constant bit rate (CBR) encoding persists the set data rate to your setting over the whole video clip.CBR encoding does not optimize media files for quality but will save Read more