Apple TV

  Apple TV, originally launched in September 2006, is a product manufactured and sold by Apple. This digital media receiver is a small form factor network appliance designed to play IPTV digital content originating from the iTunes Store, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, MobileMe or any Mac OS X or Windows computer running iTunes.    If you're Read more

MPEG4 codec

MPEG video generally refers to a set of standards and methods for compressing audio and video data.  MPEG-4, refers to the feature set of MPEG reserved for digital rights management and support of higher-efficiency standards used by streaming media, HD DVD and Blu-Ray.  MPEG-4 supports interactivity and has the ability to crunch massive video files Read more

Do you have an iPhone app for monitoring jobs?

Big thanks to John McIlwain from Alum Rock Software for building this nifty iPhone/iPad app for monitoring your queue on the go.  Simply download and install the FREE app on your iOS device, plug in your API user ID and API key and take your encoding queue with you. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, Read more

What are my options for output files for the Image2Image service?

With out Image2Image service, you can request a .jpg, .png, .gif or .tiff from our encoders. You also have the option to crop, resize or use a combination of the two methods to achieve your goal. Our complete API documentation on the Image2Image portion of our services is available here:  

Using Advanced MPEG-2 Encoding Options

Our MPEG-2 encoder offers advanced encoding parameters for both GOP structure and cadence. Closed GOPs with scene detection are ideal for delivery to many STBs (Set-Top-Boxes), such as Tivo and Roku. The Strict GOPs option locks the size to your keyframe value, and is necessary for some hardware DRM solutions. We also now provide MPEG-2 Read more