Can I control which output profiles I support?

You now have the ability to limit the 20+ output profiles that you want to support. For example, if you are only interested in supporting iOS devices, you can limit the number of output renditions that we create to only those that are relevant to the iOS platform. You can also use lite. Read more

Can I customize output profiles?

We support the ability to customize output profiles to best meet your specific requirements. With this feature, you can customize any of the 20+ output renditions including bit rates, frame sizes and more.

How can I encrypt my iPhone streams?

Securing your iPhone streams is easy with's stream encrytion option. We encrypt your TS segements using AES-128 with no need for an additional processing step. The encryption passes on delivery, as opposed to requiring additional processing time. You'll need a few things to get started, so let's lay out all the details: 1)  Create Read more

How can I copy metadata in my mp3 files?

Need to pass supported metadata information in your mp3 –> mp3 encodes. Use this addition to your XML.  Valuable information, such as title, artist and album will be passed through on your encodes.  Need to inject other metadata? Please check out our API documentation on metadata insertion:

Why are my Vp6 Flix Engine dimensions off from what I requested?

The encoder that we choose for this particular encode will automagically change the dimension on your requested encode to the nearest multiple of 16 for both width and height. This is to give you the best possible results for viewing these particular flash files. 

Roku presets for watch folders

Yes! You can select the following choices in our watch folders to create files specifically targeted for playback via Roku.  Click on any of the links below to expose the templates that we use for each preset: roku_800 roku_1200 roku_1800 roku_2700 roku_hls