Can accept MP4 as source material?

Online MPG Converter accepts many types of files from the .mpg family, including mp4. Use our web interface, powerful API or desktop application, access our MPG encoder to create or encode the flavor of .mpg of your liking. MPEG is a large set of standards for encoding video and audio, for use in transport Read more

Can create MP4 content?

MPEG Video Compression supports a host of file formats within many video containers. Learn more about our easy-to-use MPEG encoder or check out our up to the minute list of other supported file formats . Within MPEG-4 standards are two very popular formats utilized for broadband video delivery: H.264 and MP4. VP6 is a Read more

Can create QuickTime movies?

Use’s powerful encoding engine and online Quicktime converter to easily convert your video files to .mov. Upload videos to our platform from S3, FTP, Rackspace or your local storage and effortlessly have them converted and delivered back to S3, FTP or Rackspace. MOV Encoder Need to encode many files to .mov daily? Need to Read more

Can create content for mobile devices? has removed the guesswork for creating dynamic workflows for mobile content. We make it fast and easy to convert to mobile video format. Find the Right Mobile Video Codec for Your Needs has the mobile video codec you seek. Choose from iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Droid, Nokia, PSP or Zune. Upload content via Read more

Does support creation of HD content? Cloud-Based HD Encoding Software Yes, we do! With HD’s takeover, the demand has never been higher to deliver the best possible content to your audience. Proper HD encoding is a big part of that process. Whether you’re broadcasting, downloading or turning out locally available content, use’s platform to create stunning HD files that Read more

Can I create HD content with

Find Codecs for HD Videos Yes you can! We are your HD codec solution. Use’s powerful encoding engine to easily create stunning HD content. Upload videos to our platform from S3, FTP, Rackspace or local storage and effortlessly have them encoded for playback in the HD environment of your choice. Need to create HD Read more

Can I create H.264 videos with

A Simple Online H.264 Encoding Solution to create h.264 videos Yes you can! Through our web uploader, our online H264 converter is easy to use. You can push individual files directly to our encoding platform from your local disk, FTP, S3 or Rackspace location. Alternately, you can select a watch folder on your FTP, S3 Read more

Information on H.264 levels

  Level VBV maximum bit rate [1000bits/s] VBV buffer size [1000bits] Macroblocks/s Resolution and frame rate 1 64 175 1485 128×96@30 or 176×144@15 1b 128 350 1485 128×96@30 or 176×144@15 1.1 192 500 3000 176×144@30 or 320×240@10 1.2 384 1000 6000 176×144@60 or 320×240@20 1.3 768 2000 11880 352×288@30 2 2000 2000 11880 352×288@30 2.1 Read more

How do I use CBR instead of VBR in your platform?

Occasionally compression requirements dictate that you use a Constant Bit Rate (CBR) instead of a Variable Bit Rate (VBR). This is especially helpful for video streaming.  In our encoding platform, VBR is the default setting for since it generally provides much higher quality. For scenes where there is a high amount of action or Read more

Advanced configuration for the libx264 engine

This guide maps most of x264's options to FFmpeg's options along with detailed descriptions by libx264 developer Dark_Shikari. FFmpeg developer superdump has implemented x264 presets to FFmpeg. You can find his guide here. Frame-type options: g <integer>  Keyframe interval, also known as GOP length. This determines the maximum distance between I-frames. Very high GOP lengths will Read more