Apple TV Video Encoding Support

Use’s powerful encoding engine as your Apple TV video converter solution and easily convert your video files to Apple TV compliant files. Convert Your Video Files to Apple TV Format Easily convert video to Apple TV format with Upload videos to our platform from S3, FTP, Rackspace or your local storage and effortlessly Read more

3G2 Converter

Use’s powerful encoding engine and online 3G2 converter to easily convert your video files to 3g2 files. Upload videos to our platform from S3, FTP, Rackspace or your local storage and effortlessly have them encoded for mobility and delivered back to S3, FTP or Rackspace. 3G2 Codec Need to encode many files to .3g2 Read more

Advanced configuration options for libx264

x264 ffmpeg mapping and options guide This guide maps most of libx264's options to FFmpeg's options along with detailed descriptions by x264 developer Dark_Shikari. FFmpeg developer superdump has implemented x264 presets to FFmpeg. You can find his guide here. Frame-type options: g <integer> Keyframe interval, also known as GOP length. This determines the maximum distance Read more

MP4 Codec

MPEG-4 Part 14, with its official filename extension .mp4, is a multimedia container format most commonly used to store digital audio and video streams, but can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images. It is based on Apple’s QuickTime file format (.mov).  Like most modern container formats, MP4 allows Read more

3GP Codec

The 3GP Codec is a Flexible Online 3GP Converter 3GP is a multimedia container format that supports MPEG-2, H.263 and H.264 video codecs. supports a host of file formats within many video containers. Check out our up to the minute list of supported file formats and read below to learn more about our Read more

H.264: Using High versus Main profile

A common question for many users is what level profile to use with H.264 encoding for web streaming. Baseline – for low definition (LD) 320×240 or smaller, compatible with older 3G mobiles Main – for standard definition (SD) to 640×480, good for modern smartphones and tablets High – for high definition (HD) to 1920×1080, best Read more

WMV Codec

Windows Media Video, or WMV, is Microsoft’s family of video codecs including WMV 7, WMV 8, and WMV 9. The WMV codec can handle anything from low resolution video for dial-up Internet users to HDTV.  The latest generation of WMV, based on the WMV 9 codec, has been standardized and approved as a new and Read more

HD Encoding

With HD’s takeover, the demand has never been higher to deliver the best possible content to your audience. Proper HD encoding is a big part of that process. Whether you’re broadcasting, downloading or turning out locally available content, use’s platform to create stunning HD files that meet the aesthetic needs of your project. Read more

M4A Codec

MPEG-4 is a developing standard used to compress audio and visual data, and is divided into several parts. The standard includes the concept of “profiles” and “levels,” allowing a specific set of capabilities to be defined in a manner appropriate for a subset of applications.  The MPEG-4 standard is generally used for streaming media and Read more

ASF Codec

Advanced System Format (ASF – formerly Advanced Streaming Format) is Microsoft’s proprietary digital audio / digital video container format especially meant for streaming media.  ASF is part of the Windows Media framework. The ASF format does not specify which codec should be used to encode the audio or video – it just specifies the structure Read more