HD Encoding

With HD’s takeover, the demand has never been higher to deliver the best possible content to your audience. Proper HD encoding is a big part of that process. Whether you’re broadcasting, downloading or turning out locally available content, use Encoding.com’s platform to create stunning HD files that meet the aesthetic needs of your project.

Encoding.com: Cloud-Based HD Encoding Software

With our HD encoding software, simply choose the HD codec you’d like to convert to, define a watchfolder or upload your source, and you’re done! Your reformatted video will be delivered back to you, at the location of your choice.

HD Transcoding and Compression

With Encoding.com’s powerful platform, you can swiftly up-convert SD to HD, or reformat HD media, using our web interface, powerful API or desktop application. We also have HD transcoding and compression solutions that are scalable and easy to use.

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