What does error message ECOM00228 mean?

The error message ECOM00228 translates to “S3 upload error: Your socket connection to the server was not read from or written to within the timeout period. Idle connections will be closed.”

How can I add multiple destinations to my workflow?

Have many destinations for one workflow? No problem!  To add multiple destinations to a watchfolder, here's what to do: 1) Select 'Watch Folder,' then 'Add New.” 2) Under the destination field, click the [ + ] icon to add in new destination locations.  3) Ensure that your destination paths are valid across the board. Want Read more

How to use the Rackspace Cloud with Encoding.com?

There are a variety of innovative ways that Encoding.com uses the Rackspace Cloud to power its service and make it easy for other Rackspace customers to integrate with Encoding.com. Advanced CloudFiles Integration Using the web interface, watch folder or API, you can specify your Cloud Files account as either source or destination locations. Please see Read more

iPhone streaming creating TAR file on output

With TAR output is set to OFF, and should see .m3u8 pointers and .ts segment files populate your output directory. The trick is correctly formatting the output filepath. You have to make sure your output filepath has a filename WITHOUT a 3-character file extension. I had this same problem because I either defined only the Read more

How can I use a Amazon S3 file as a source?

Using Amazon S3 is a snap. Follow these directions to get you started 1) Manually set the Amazon S3 object to have READ permission for the AWS user fastencoding: 1a85ad8fea02b4d948b962948f69972a72da6bed800a7e9ca7d0b43dc61d5869. This is a requirement for encoding.com to read the file(s).  To do this, log into your AWS console, right click on the bucket and select Read more

Why do I receive ‘Permission denied’ or ‘No such file or directory’ errors when using SFTP?

The most common error is specifying incorrect SFTP URLs for files located in your home directory. You must specify full directory path in your URL: sftp://user:password@your-host.com/home/user/video/file.ext Another common issue is missing files! Check the file is there, and the path for encoding.com is correct. If you continue to experience issues, don't hesitate to email helpdesk@encoding.com.