How can I use a Amazon S3 file as a source?

Using Amazon S3 is a snap. Follow these directions to get you started

1) Manually set the Amazon S3 object to have READ permission for the AWS user fastencoding: 1a85ad8fea02b4d948b962948f69972a72da6bed800a7e9ca7d0b43dc61d5869.

This is a requirement for to read the file(s).  To do this, log into your AWS console, right click on the bucket and select 'Properties' Add the string and wait for a moment, as it resolves to 'fastencoding'. Give this user upload/delete permissions.

2) Use the following format for the source url: http://[bucket][filename] Amazon provides some excellent documentation about ACL permissions, visit this link for details:

Important notes: 

**Do not use capitalization in your bucket names. You will receive a 403 error. Please only use lowercase letters.

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