How can I use passive mode for FTP downloading/uploading? does not use FTP passive mode by default when retrieving or placing files. To use FTP with passive mode turned on, add ?passive=yes to the end of your FTP URL string (either source or destination): ftp://user:pass@ftphost.tld/path/to/your/file.ext?passive=yes

How can I download my encoded files?

You've encoded your file and now would like to save a copy, right? In your original request, if you didn't specify a destination URL, S3 / Rackspace / FTP, will store your videos free of charge for 15 days on our servers. Please note, the limit for this storage is 100 GB and your Read more

How do I set permissions on Rackspace files?

If you are used to setting permissions in Amazon buckets, you're probably familiar with S3's style of ACL usage appended to the source URLs. In Rackspace, no URL defined permissions exist. The way to set public versus private permissions is via containers. Public: Select 'Publish to CDN' in the container properties. This creates a link Read more

What CDNs does support? works with all of the major CDNs available. Pick your favourite, plug in your delivery details and you're good to go! If you're looking for a concise list of CDNs, please browse to

How can I use canonical IDs with’s platform?

Want to use S3 as a source location for your material, but you don't want to hand out secret or access keys? Give this a try! Use your canonical ID at the end of the URL string to pass the ownership from to yourself. Alternately, give your source location access via's canonical ID Read more

Information on Amazon bucket policies

Yes! Give this a try if you're wanting to incorporate amazon buckets into your integration method.   This policy will allow CloudFront to gain access to private content.  {  “Version”:”2008-10-17″,  “Id”:”PolicyForCloudFrontPrivateContent”,  “Statement”:[{  “Sid”:” Grant CloudFront Origin Identity access to private content”,  “Effect”:”Allow”,  “Principal”:{  “AWS”:”arn:aws:iam::cloudfront:user/CloudFront Origin Access Identity PRIVATE” // This is the origin ID specific Read more

Upload error: Failed FTP upload: 550

This error is returned when our system is not able to send the video to the FTP/SFTP destination you specified.  Please verify the username, password, permissions, and complete directory path in a FTP client prior to adding it to our system.

Double percent-encoding needed for VBScript FTP paths

For VBScript output to work, you may need to percent-encode the destination path twice. Like this. Regular FTP path: Single URL (%) encoded – used for some standard FTP configurations Double URL (%) encoded – used for VBScript FTP

Can integrate with Rackspace’s Cloudfiles?

Rackspace’s cloud files represents a failure-proof storage solution that scales to meet your needs, effortlessly. We offer cloud video encoding solutions that are unmatched in the industry. Integrate Rackspace’s Cloud Files and’s powerful processing platform to extend your workflow to infinite possibilities. Cloud Video Transcoding Need to monitor a container on a daily basis Read more

Can integrate with Amazon Web Services? offers proven S3 video integration solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) comprises a series of remote computing/web services that make your life easier. Infinitely scalable and use AWS with to create a workflow with storage locations and services accessed via HTTP. Use for all of your cloudfront streaming needs. Amazon’s S3 Interface can Read more