How can I use canonical IDs with’s platform?

Want to use S3 as a source location for your material, but you don't want to hand out secret or access keys? Give this a try! Use your canonical ID at the end of the URL string to pass the ownership from to yourself. Alternately, give your source location access via's canonical ID so that we have access to your files. 

Here's a few scenarios of where canonical IDs come into play with our platform.

+ To send us source videos, without passing keys, ensure that you are giving's canonical ID full access on the destination bucket through the S3 interface. Here's how to accomplish that:

1) Select the bucket you wish to source from in the S3 console. Right click on it and select 'Properties'

2) Under the Permissions tab at the bottom, select the plus button and grant upload/delete access to Our ID is: 1a85ad8fea02b4d948b962948f69972a72da6bed800a7e9ca7d0b43dc61d5869.  Once you have entered this ID, it will resolve to fastencoding in a few seconds. Just hang in there. This allows to use its credentials to pull your source files on that particular bucket.

+ To deliver files from to your bucket and make ownership solely yours, please use the following syntax for your destination URLS:

Sample of what an actual canonical S3 output path looks like:

Once this passes into the system, the canonical ID will be restricted from view. Neat, huh? 

Here's an example of what we see on our end:

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