Assigning proper MIME types for Amazon S3 output

The “Content-Type” of a video is an important and in most cases required MIME type for streaming video. Amazon S3 simply echos back whatever MIME type you send when you upload the file. You can set the content-type parameter of a video before sending it to Amazon by appending &content_type= to your S3 destination, for Read more

What is the IP range of your system so I may restrict access on a firewall?

Please send your API requests to at Notification posts are coming from Port Assignments FTP on port 21 SFTP on port 22 HTTP on port 80 HTTPS on port 443 AWS Amazon has a very sophisticated system in place for managing IP ranges across their infrastructure. Everything you need to know about Read more

Setting S3 permissions for thumbnails

AWS authentication access is currently not implemented for thumb_destination. Alternatively you can create a separate task with output=thumbnail to use this feature:   To quote our API documentation:   Instead of using thumb_ parameters within <format>, you can specify separate encoding task with output = thumbnail:      <format>    <!– Format fields –>    Read more

Setting permissions for Amazon S3 bucket delivery from

Amazon access permissions are set by the user who creates the object. By default, when sends a encoded file to a user's Amazon S3 bucket it sets the permissions of this file to authenticated-read.  If you want your file to be public readable, add ?acl=public-read to your destination URL, like this: This will Read more

Amazon S3 Integration Overview was developed to work seamlessly with the Amazon S3 storage service as either the source location of your video library or the destination location where we send videos after encoding is complete. A basic understanding of Amazons ACL permissions is recommended and we would highly recommend reading through our articles on integrating Amazon S3 Read more