Setting permissions for Amazon S3 bucket delivery from

Amazon access permissions are set by the user who creates the object. By default, when sends a encoded file to a user's Amazon S3 bucket it sets the permissions of this file to authenticated-read

If you want your file to be public readable, add ?acl=public-read to your destination URL, like this:

This will allow you to share your file with all web users – the file is accessible via this URL:

 If otherwise, you don't want to share your file with anybody, you can make to save your file using specific Amazon credentials. In this case you have to specify your AWS Access Key and Secret Access Key in your destination URL:

The file is now accessible only by that user.  If the user wants to own the destination file and grant permissions for it, specify both AWS credentials and the ACL:

Also note, we must percent-encode (URL escaping – see the full help article here) the Secret Access Key, as it contains the special URL characters: ':' and '/'. The percent-encoded Secret Access Key is:


Once the Secret Access Key is properly percent-encoded, it can be added to the address string, the destination URL would look like this:

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