Turbo and Twin Turbo Encoding Explained

The encoding.com turbo and twin turbo encoding features are available via the encoding.com API  Turbo will automatically send your job to a higher capacity (more CPU and more RAM) server for faster processing times.   Twin Turbo will automatically send your job to a 8 core machine with multi threading enabled.  These features are great to Read more

How does Encoding.com work?

While most of the encoding solutions on the market today are software packages that require server installation, configuration, and maintenance encoding.com is an encoding service in which we make a huge server farm and encoding software available in a “pay for only what you use” model. In our service you need to tell us three Read more

What is H.264?

H.264, short for H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, is a standard for video compression and is poised to become the next standard for format of convergence in the digital video industry now supported by Google / YouTube, Adobe, and Apple iTunes. It contains a number of features that enable it to compress video much more effectively than previous Read more

Video Encoding – What is it?

Video encoding is the process of converting digital video files from one format to another.  All of the videos we watch on our computers, tablets, mobile phones and set-top boxes must go through an encoding process to convert the original “source” video to be viewable on these devices.  Why?  Because different devices and browsers support Read more