How to generate Apple Recommended HTTP Live Streaming Files for Apple iPhone

To generate proper iPhone HTTP live streaming profiles in, see the below xml. These settings should be used whenever the user wishes to publish the apple recommended profiles, based on this document: Note certain settings, which are important to meet the encoding chart from the technical note: size, framerate, audio bitrate, audio sample Read more

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What is HTTP Live Streaming?

HTTP Live Streaming allows streaming of files from the internet to specific devices.’s iPhone video encoding platform produces files that are chunked into many short streams. From there, you can choose many bit rates in order to adapt to the environment in which the stream is played. This allows the viewing environment to adapt Read more

How do I encode video for mobile devices?

There are a number of very popular mobile devices that support video playback including: iPhone / iPod Blackberry Nokia Droid PSP Zune Of course, many of these devices have their own video format requirements. provides simple presets for the most popular mobile devices so that you can properly encode your video for your target Read more

Encoding for the iPhone: Tallscreen/Vertical Video Orientation

An excellent article on using to generate proper video for the iphone: Thank you to all contributors for their valuable feedback and time. Please, if you have useful technology or video articles you think would fit's commitment to sharing of information, e-mail us at

iPhone_streaming preset gives me a long error everytime, why?

If a user is experiencing an issue using the iphone_streaming task/preset (see snippet of the full error read out below), this error is easily resolved by setting the audio_sample_rate. Apple recommends the audio_sample_rate is set to 22050, however, it could potentially be set to: 8000, 11025, 16000, 22050, 32000, 44100, 48000. Encoder error: FFmpeg version Read more