Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming

  HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) enables both on-demand and live adaptive bitrate video transmittal of MP4 media over typical HTTP connections. HDS is an open-format solution that allows online media publishers to leverage existing network and cache facilities to deliver media to the Adobe Flash Platform with high efficiency. As with the other types of Read more

Using Adobe’s HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) with

To stream on-demand media over HTTP using Adobe's HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) protocol chose the preset “Dynamic Streaming” from the client interface/watch folder, or the parameter “HDS” from the API. NOTE: To use Adobe's HDS, the source media must be in MP4, FV4, or FLV compatible formats.  Please transcode your video into one Read more

What is Adaptive Bitrate Streaming?

Adaptive bitrate streaming (ABS) is a performance management technique for streaming multimedia over computer networks. Historically, most video streaming approaches were founded on RTP or RTSP; but now most adaptive streaming technologies are built for tranmission over HTTP over large, broad-distribution networks.   ABS works by dynamically monitoring CPU and memory capacity and then making Read more

Does support adaptive bitrate? supports all of the major adaptive bitrate technologies. We offer support for Apple’s HLS, Adobe’s HDS, Microsoft’s MSS and Wowza Multi Bitrate. For detailed information on our API technical specifications for each click here.