Whats an API key and how do I get one?

When you begin using the Encoding.com Desktop Application or the API, you'll need to locate your API key to access the platform. A unique API key will be generated and assigned to your used ID upon successful creation of your Encoding.com user account. Please protect your key, as this key is a safeguard that we employ to restrict access to your user account. If for any reason, you suspect someone is using your account, you may regenerate your key. Directions follow below.

To locate your API key, login to the customer area @ http://www.encoding.com/login. Select 'My Account' from the list on the left. Within that page, you'll see a 33 digit key, containing both letters and numbers. Copy this locally, as well as your 4 digit user ID, as you'll need to plug this into the Desktop Application to get started. If you're a developer, you're all ready to start sending XMLs via API to Encoding.com. To regenerate your API key at any time, select 'Regenerate' and new unique key will be created for your account, which will end all previous access to the platform with the pre-existing key.

+ To add the user ID and key to the Desktop Application, please open the app, then and select 'Preferences' from the menu at the top. Plug in your user ID and your API key. That's it. You're ready to encode.

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