What is the media file size limit?

Currently, Encoding.com's file size is non existent.  With the current limitation of Amazon S3's single source files @ 5 TB, the possibilites are limitless. Here's a the only caveat:

+ Amazon S3 only allows files up to 5 GB to be loaded through their UI. Check out Amazon's link here for current info on their Multipart tool, which allows much larger uloads. To enable this feature through Amazon, log into your console, select a bucket in which you want to upload the file to in the console. Select 'Upload' under 'Actions.'  Select 'Enable Enhanced Uploader (Beta) in the UI.  Make sure to verify that you have the correct version of Java running as noted in the UI. That's it, you're ready to use Amazon S3's interface to upload large files.

Want your size XXL files to encode quickly? Turn on turbo for lightening quick encodes of your content.



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