How Do I Convert VP6 to MPEG?

VP6 to MPEG supports a host of file formats within the .flv and .mpg containers. Learn more about our easy-to-use VP6 to MPEG video converter or check out our up to the minute list of other supported file formats.

VP6 is a proprietary video codec developed by On2 Technologies and is supported by Adobe Flash, Flash Video and JavaFX media files. It was widely adopted prior to the emergence of the H.264 codec, and is used primarily for Internet video and Flash video files. VP6 supports multi-pass encoding, constant or variable data rates, and advanced error recovery; and can be used to encode high resolution video, including 1920×1080 HD video streams.

VP6 to MPEG Converter:

Using our web uploader, accessing our VP6 to MPEG converter is easy and fast. You can push individual files directly to our encoding platform from your local disk, FTP, S3 or Rackspace location. Alternately, you can select a watch folder on your FTP, S3 or Rackspace location to be polled at the time interval of your choice to encode files. Select “Encoding Options” and select “Add Task.” Use the pulldown menu to select the flavor of mpeg that you need. That’s it! You’re ready to use’s platform to compress your videos.

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MPEG video generally refers to a set of standards and methods for compressing audio and video data. The most important and widely used standards include MPEG-2, an older format currently used by over-the-air digital television providers (digital cable, satellite) and MPEG-4, which includes additional features for digital rights management and support of higher-efficiency standards used by streaming media, HD DVD and Blu-Ray. MPEG-4 supports interactivity and has the ability to crunch massive video files into pieces small enough to send over mobile networks. Within MPEG-4 standards are two very popular formats utilized for broadband video delivery: H.264 and MP4.

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