Syndicate your videos directly to YouTube

It's easy to upload content directly to YouTube from Follow the steps below to upload videos directly from your initial AddMedia request.

There are a few things to keep in mind with YouTube delivery:

+ Delivery to YouTube is not available for thumbnails or Image2Image conversions.
+ YouTube has a character limit to title, description and keywords.
          – Title: Length cannot be longer then 100 characters.
          – Description: Length can not be longer then 5000 characters
          – Keywords: Each keyword must be 2 characters long and not longer then 30 characters. Total length of all keywords can not be longer then 500 characters total.
+ The first time that you use this feature, its advisable to sign into your YouTube account to verify Amazon as an authorized user. You can do this by clicking on the 'Unusual Sign In Location' reminder. Allow access from AWS to continue using this feature. Check your email shortly after you do this. You'll be asked to re-verify the new sign in location.


To deliver to YouTube, specify the following values in <destination> URL:


[YoutubeLogin] – Login on YouTube (mandatory)
[YoutubePassword] – Password on YouTube (mandatory)
[VideoTitle] – Video title on YouTube (optional, default: filename)
[VideoCategory] – Video category. Allowed values: Film, Autos, Music, Animals, Sports, Travel, Games, People, Comedy, Entertainment, News, Howto, Education, Tech, Nonprofit (optional, default: Film)
[VideoKeywords] – Video keywords on YouTube (optional, default: none)
[VideoDescription] – Video description on YouTube (optional, default: none)
[ACL] – Access Control List to video on YouTube (optional, default: private). Allowed values:
– private – only owner can get access to the video,
– public-read – everyone can get access to the video,
– unlisted – only users with direct link can get access to the video

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Main fields -->
    <source>[SourceFile]</source>     <!-- if multiple SourceFile added, they will be concatenated or join to split screen-->
        <!-- ... -->


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