How do I get back source media properties via API?

You can get your source media's properties by sending GetMediaInfo API request.

This information will become available after the following events have occurred:

1) Just after the media has been Downloaded – if you specified HTTP or (S)FTP as your source location, and also if you specified S3 source location AND the media was added with AddMediaBenchmark call.

2)  Few seconds after the media started being processed, if the media is located on S3 and was added using AddMedia call.

The following properties could be returned (if available):

bitrate – the file’s summary bitrate.
duration – media’s duration in seconds
video_codec – video codec
frame_rate – video frame rate in fps
audio_sample_rate – audio sampling rate, in Hz
size – video dimensions Width x Height, in pixels

pixel_aspect_ratio, display_aspect_ratio – usually 4:3 or 16:9, if set

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