DEPRECATED – How can I use the Desktop Uploader Tool?

July 1st 2016 – The desktop uploader has been deprecated and is no longer available.

Step 1: Authenticate!

– Login to the High Speed Desktop Uploader with your API Key and User ID. These credentials can be found on the My Account Tab within your client interface.

Step 2: Drag and Drop!

– Click on the icon in your system tray (Windows) or toolbar (OSX). Drag and Drop up to 10 files onto the icon

Step 3: High Speed Upload!

For Max customers and above take advantage of our high speed Aspera based upload. With speeds up to 100x FTP speed. For all other customers utlize the convienience of the desktop uploader with FTP transport speed.

Step 4: Add output tasks in web interface!

Once the upload is complete a mediaID is assigned and a link is available to view the uploaded source content in the web interface. Click on the link and login with the userid and password you chose during the signup process. The link will take you to the web interface section where you can add an unlimited number of output renedtions. Either chose from over 45 presets or chose to customize your own encoding parameters.

For complete information on the  uploader tool:

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