How can I change the tasks applied to a current job?

If you have current jobs in your encoding queue and wish to change the settings, follow the instructions below. In either case, you can change the destination URL, the notify location and even the source location. This is handy in case you uploaded the wrong source, but want to keep the correct applied tasks.

In progress jobs: This works well on larger jobs, as with smaller jobs, you'll have to work quickly to catch them and change their applied tasks.

Finished jobs: This workflow works well for large files that are already uploaded to the platform. You can just change the applied tasks (over and over again) if you want different versions of the source file.

In the queue, select the check box next to the MediaID you want to edit. From the top row of choices, select 'Edit'. 

In the task manager view you can now add or delete tasks. To edit a current task, select it from the list 'With Selected' below the large orange button that says 'Add Task.' 

Once you've completed this step, make sure to hit 'Save.' Select 'Close' from the upper right hand corner of the grey box.

Now head to the Encoding Queue and select 'Process' to start the job with the new applied tasks.

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