API Documentation for Closed Captions Features

The Encoding.com API makes it really simple to extract, inject, mux or copy closed captions of any kind for distribution to most mobile digital video platforms.  As we work together, please feel free to reach out to us through our helpdesk or via live chat to get answers to questions.  You can also get direct access to these features for free on our introductory developer accounts.  Just sign up for a free 1GB account


Allowed values: closed captions in [SCC|SRT|DFXP|SAMI] format —>   NOTE: For DFXP and SAMI, all stylization would be removed.


Allowed values: yes, no
Default value: no
Supported source tracks: [CEA-608|CEA-708|3GPP TT|MPEG-4 TT]
Supported output tracks: [CEA-608|3GPP TT|MPEG-4 TT]

NOTE:  If <mux_type></mux_type> is not referenced, <copy>yes</copy> will literally copy the source track in the source format to the output video file. It is important to determine whether closed captions in your source format can be read successfully in your output video format.


Allowed values: timed-text, cea-608
Default value: none
Required values: URL for subtitle file & URL for source video

Captions may be muxed into video files as either:

3GPP Timed Text track (MPEG-4 Part 17 track): <mux_type>timed-text</mux_type>

CEA-608 (A/53) track:  <mux_type>cea-608</mux_type>

NOTE: The CEA-608 mux type may only be used with output profiles that use the x264 video codec. This feature cannot support any other video codec in output with this caption track format selected.

Allowed values: srt, scc
Default value: none

Captions may be extracted from 3GPP TT or CEA-608/708 tracks into either:

Scenarist Closed Caption

        Sidecar will be named source_file_name.scc
        Sidecar will be delivered to the same destination location as output file.


         Sidecar will be named source_file_name.srt
         Sidecar will be delivered to the same destination location as output file.

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