Can I ship a drive to ingest files?

Have a lot of files that you need encoded quickly? No worries. Rather than upload the 400 terabytes of content, ship your drives directly to Amazon and place them on your S3 account. Don't have an S3 account? Sign up for one here. It's quick and painless, I promise. 


+ Make sure you have our secret key and access key ID in hand.  The website lays out the directions pretty good from here on out. You'll be asked to create SIGNATURE file & MYMANIFEST.txt

+ Make sure device conforms to S3 Standards. View 'Shipping Your Storage Device':

+ Please note that the Getting Started guide contains lots of other information in there, such as how to exclude directories, so make sure to read through the entire guide smile'

1) Familiarize yourself with the Getting Started guide. (Link below) –> Use this as the for main reference point for your ingest projects.
2) Create a new bucket on your S3 account and give it a name that will be unique to your other buckets, as this will be for ingest-only @ Amazon's closest data center in the domestic US.
3) Download and install Amazon's Web Service Tool:
4) Create the job by following the instructions 'Creating a job' in the Getting Started guide. Be sure to explicitly follow the directions for creating the manifest. This is mission critical stuff, so please check your entires.
5) Via command-line, cd into the directory, as specified and run the following >java -jar lib/AWSImportExportWebServiceTool-1.0.jar CreateJob Import MyManifest.txt
This will return your job ID. And the address to send it to:
7) Amazon will start the upload process 1 business day after the drive has arrived. 
Have questions on how much this may cost, excluding shipping? 
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