How to Use the User Interface: A Comprehensive Guide has changed the video encoding landscape yet again by bringing all of the power and functionality of our API to the browser and launching a web interface that rivals any desktop video encoding experience. It is easy to throw a lot of features into a browser, but much more difficult to make those features intuitive without sacrificing flexibility or power. Log in, tour the new UI, and let us know what you think.

Our UI allows you to quickly configure your encoding workflow. Ingest your files from any location and set your encoding parameters to your liking in just a few quick steps.

Start a New Job

  • Step 1: Select the source location for your files. We can ingest your files from an FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files, or Microsoft Azure storage locations


Add Media


NOTE: We offer the option to use our Aspera powered desktop uploader for high-speed ingest using simple drag and drop. For more information on how to use this method for larger, bulk files or any other questions, we offer free consultation to better assist you. We also offer full support and assistance on all uploading options.

  • Step 2: Select and launch your job parameters including file format, cloud service and region, processing speed and editing requirements. You can select as many output formats as you’d like for your video.

Once you select your parameters, we process your video and deliver to your specified FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files, or Microsoft Azure storage locations.

It’s that simple.

Not only does the UI facilitate the smooth ingestion and transcoding of your files, we offer offer many ways to manage your account. Try our UI for free!

Earn Free Encoding

We like to take care of our current clients, so we offer an automated referral system to generate encoding credits based on successful referrals. Refer to a friend, and earn free encoding credits.

My Account

With our account information feature, we give you several options to select and/or edit your information and payment options at any time. Here you can:

  • Automatically upgrade, downgrade or cancel prepaid or monthly plan types
  • Generate your Developer API key
  • Update your primary information, technical, information and billing information
  • Set the default timezone for localized time stamps in your encoding queue and API responses
  • Link your account to YouTube with oauth2 authentication


My Account



Through our UI, you can monitor your account and encoding usage both historically and in real-time. You can check your stats on encoding bandwidth and processor consumption.


  You can also look at your usage by type and by customized dates by using the Custom Account Usage report. 

Custom Usage Report

                                          Download the stats and usage reports to excel by clicking on the x button. 


Encoding Queue

To keep an eye on the processing time of your encoding jobs, we have created an encoding queue to monitor progress. With the queue feature, you can track your % job completion, details on all output tasks, number of processing threads per output task, queue/encoding time, the job created/started/finished timestamps, and info on your source media. Through this feature, we also allow you to restart, edit, retry, delete or stop your job.


Encoding Queue

Watch Folder

Through our UI you can also configure a watch folder. The watch folder enables you specify a storage location to load videos to be batch processed on demand based on your specified check frequency. No code required! Once you set up the watch folder, you and other team members can add your assets, and, on a regular interval (once every 5 seconds to once every 24 hours), we will check the watch folder and automatically start transcoding your assets.

Watch Folder



Our billing management feature assists with detailed lists of all current and historic invoices. It also enables you to update payment methods at any time. This feature helps you to track and audit your spending with over any time frame.



Contact Support

We also offer customer support throughout your job process. We have an easy to use helpdesk submission system with a customized display of included support response time based on plan type.

We also offer access to tracking through our UI. is our cutting edge solution for delivering your video anywhere to any device. With, manages all the heavy lifting required to host video including transcoding, device detection, content delivery, security and analytics. Our UI enables you to monitor your projects and check their status looking at several variables.

We offer you the option to select and look at very specific details of your account:

  • Overview: Overview of your uploaded videos.
  • Thumbnail: For anyone looking to change the default thumbnail for a, this is the tool of choice. We generate three thumbnails, from the 33%, 66%, 99% mark in your video. You can also upload a local still image to serve as a thumbnail for your
  • Summary: You can get an overall snapshot of your videos – storage, thumbnails, duration, etc. This tab gives you a big picture look at your videos with
  • Player: You now have the ability to use your player and as well as our new integration with JW Player and Flow Player. For more information visit our blog post.
  • Security: You can secure your in many ways with the UI. Lets look at the following fields: 1. Start Date: Please state the time stamp in which you want your to become available. This is helpful for upcoming campaigns. Please format as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. Please note that the HH:MM:SS is optional. 2. Expire Date: Please state the time stamp in which you want your to become unavailable. This is helpful for upcoming campaigns. Please format as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. Please note that the HH:MM:SS is optional.
  • Advertising: We now support Freewheeel, VAST, VPAID, and Google IMA ad network integrations.With, through the API and the web UI, existing FreeWheel customers can easily and seamlessly integrate video advertisements into an individual URL or globally across all active URLs associated with the account. Visit the –> FreeWheel section of the web interface to enable FreeWheel for your account and specify your FreeWheel account configuration parameters: AdServerURL, AdManager URL, Network IDs, PlayerProfiles, VideoAsset IDs, SiteSection IDs etc (provided by FreeWheel) to enable ad targeting. When a visitor views a URL with FreeWheel enabled, will pass their user information to the FreeWheel ad server and they will receive a targeted video advertisement (pre/mid/post roll or banner overlays). currently supports video player advertisements for both HTML5 and Flash players.JWplayer offers Google Analytics and Token Based Authentication with VAST/VPAID and Google IMA ad network integrations. JWplayer and Google IMA integration allows for DoubleClick In-stream ads in Flash or HTML5, DART targeting, linear pre-, mid- and post roll videos, HTML companion ads. VAST/VPAID allows for IAB-compliant campaigns, mobile ads supported with VAST + HTML5, linear pre-, mid- and post-roll video ads, interactive VPAID ads, companion ads and full control with the JWplayer ads API.
  • Custom Domains: We now offer the ability to use our standard domain or unique vanity URL OR customize your URL using your domain name.
  • Embed Code: Here you can view the embed code and its variations. By default, we include our suggested embed code for Please use this as a baseline for all embeds. If you are well versed in how to control the behaviour of embeds, please go ahead and customize this simple embed. Enable HTTPS on your embed; the embed code will switch to the secure version. Combine this with your organization’s CSS and you have a custom look and feel to your embed.We now have the ability to choose responsive resolution as well.
  • Files: The files section shows you all the output formats that are generated when a is transcoded, with direct download links to each file.
  • Play: This speaks for itself. Play / Preview your directly from this UI.
  • Google Analytics: Within this section you can check the latest stats on all of your URLs by protocol (Vanity, Protected, HD, Lite, and HLS), storage and delivery of your video over time.

Developer Tools

API Builder: In this section you can use the encoding presets to generate and submit XML/JSON. This is a great tool to accelerate and debug development with our API.

Job Notification Log: Within this section you can see a chronological log of all job notification posts our system sends after a job is complete.

API Request Log: Here you can see a chronological log of all API requests you send to our system. The API request Log can be sorted by call type, media ID, date, status, and source IP address.

Manage Users

Manage Users

This feature allows our clients to add, change and/or manage all of your users within your account. Once users are added, you can grant permission for them to access as many or as little areas appropriate to their job function. For example, you can grant your accounting team access to the billing section only, your developers the job and API logs, and so forth. You can find this feature in the ‘My Account’ section of the UI.

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